I’m originally from London, England and settled in the USA in 2004. At a young age my family and friends would frequently host parties and I just loved the enjoyment music brought to mine and other people‚Äôs lives.  Now that I am a father, I love the fact that my kids love music just as much as I do.

As a kid, every Sunday afternoon I eagerly listened to the UK Top 40 countdown to find out who reached the number one spot and I really enjoyed making mix tapes.

I fell into the art of DJ’ing in my late teens when I was helping a friend at a London night club. I felt the intensity and the enjoyment music brought to those around me and I liked it, a lot!

It wasn’t too long before I ventured out on my own and started DJ’ing at all kinds of events and venues. To this day, whether its playing to a small or big crowd,  I still get so much enjoyment from it. You could say that I have a healthy obsession with music, after all, music is my religion.

Hire me for your next event and we’ll make it a success. You can contact me on 860-384-7434  or you can send me a message from my contact page. I look forward to speaking with you.